ad pepper media International N.V. reports strong final quarter

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Nuremberg, Amsterdam, 6 February 2023

ad pepper Group, one of Europe’s leading performance marketing companies, today announces its preliminary results for the fourth quarter. In the final quarter of the 2022 financial year, the Group achieved revenue of EUR 7,184k, which is roughly in line with the revenue level achieved in the prior-year period (Q4 2021: EUR 7,242k). Given the pandemic-driven high figures in the prior year and the challenging current market environment due to high inflation and geopolitical turmoil, group management considers this to be a very strong performance. The positive development was driven by a robust demand in the e-commerce space during so-called Cyberweek (Webgains segment) on the one hand and the strong performance of the ad agents segment on the other, which recorded the highest quarterly revenue since inception of the company. Accordingly, revenue of the ad agents segment increased in the final quarter by 19.2 percent to EUR 2,681k (Q4 2021: EUR 2,250k), while the Webgains segment – which had particularly benefitted from pandemic-driven growth in the previous year – also achieved an excellent revenue level of EUR 3,688k (Q4 2021: EUR 3,929k). The ad pepper segment generated revenue of EUR 815k (Q4 2021: EUR 1,063k).

Group EBITDA amounted to EUR 1,018k (Q4 2021: EUR 820k) in the fourth quarter of 2022. In the light of the aforementioned extraordinary effects in the previous year and the challenging current market environment, the increase in EBITDA of 24.2 percent underlines ad pepper Group’s excellent positioning in the digital economy. At segment level, the Webgains segment achieved EBITDA of EUR 471k (Q4 2021: EUR 569k), ad agents generated EUR 709k (Q4 2021: EUR 500k) and ad pepper EUR -332k (Q4 2021: EUR -250k).

ad pepper media international N.V. will publish its annual report for financial year 2022 on 10 April 2023.


Key figures (unaudited) in EURk:

Gross sales 28,033 29,836 98,229 111,593
% growth -6.0 -12.0
Revenue 7,184 7,242 24,868 27,646
% growth -0.8 -10.0
of which ad pepper 815 1,063 2,924 3,937
% growth -23.3 -25.7
of which ad agents 2,681 2,250 8,717 8,167
% growth 19.2 6.7
of which Webgains 3,688 3,929 13,227 15,542
% growth -6.1 -14.9
EBITDA 1,018 820 1,275 4,378
of which ad pepper -332 -250 -108 604
of which ad agents 709 500 1,356 1,722
of which Webgains 471 569 871 3,474
of which admin 170 1 -844 -1,422
Liquid funds* 23,084 23,760

*Including securities at fair value.


For more information:
Dr Jens Körner (CEO)
ad pepper media International N.V.
+49 (0) 911 929057-0