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Breaking boundaries in performance marketing since 1999

The Group’s success story began with ad pepper in 1999. As a leading performance marketing company, we specialise in lead generation and targeting specific audiences. We work together with our customers to develop online marketing strategies for over 50 countries worldwide. And we apply the latest technologies to each project.

Whether at local, national or international level, we help our customers meet their goals by developing the most efficient online marketing strategies for their budget. By taking local conditions into consideration, we are able to optimise our campaigns for the target markets. Whether we are working with an agency or a direct customer, our aim is always the same: to deliver the best possible results for our customers.

What makes us different from our competitors? Our many years of experience – and iLead. This unique platform enables us to generate customised campaigns that are adapted to our customers’ markets in next to no time. And we designed the platform ourselves. So far, we have used iLead to successfully launch and manage over 30,000 campaigns worldwide and generate millions of qualified leads.

Locations: Nuremberg / Madrid


  • Lead generation with iLead

    Acquisition of client data free from financial risk, e.g. via user registration, competitions, subscriptions, catalogue orders or product samples – linked to performance thanks to cost-per-lead approach.

  • Targeting with iSense

    Delivering the right message to the right person in the right place at the right time. This technology is used to ensure your ad is only placed in areas with relevance to the specific theme so that it does not lose any of its effect.

  • Email marketing with Mailpepper

    Expand your reach and direct contact with defined target groups for one-to-one communication using push notifications and more.

  • Performance display advertising

    Classic online advertising supported by analyses and user-optimised targeting to effectively appeal to the right people and increase sales.

Case Study


The goal was to raise awareness about the ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign and recruit as many new members as possible.


ad pepper media developed a social media campaign based on a video appeal featuring the actor Jude Law. The campaign was adapted for countless digital media formats and platforms and supported using display banners and a newsletter in order to generate the largest possible number of high-quality leads. Payment was based on the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) pricing model, meaning that Greenpeace only paid for new members who signed up as a result of the campaign.


ad pepper media’s performance network enabled Greenpeace to reach thousands of users. As a result, the campaign generated twice as many signatures as planned.


As part of their “business weeks”, the German car company Opel (known in Great Britain under the brand name Vauxhall) wanted to generate high-quality leads for their models Insignia, Astra, and Mokka. While the campaign’s target groups were very specific, any overlappings with B2C campaigns were not desired.


As basis for the campaign, ad pepper media compiled a profound profiling. Tracking on Opel’s landing page delivered essential data about relevant target groups. Subsequently, a homogenous performance display setup was developed in cooperation with iProspect. What makes this solution exceptional, is the fact that it is not only optimized for websites but also measures the behavior of site visitors searching for industry-specific key topics.


Thanks to a target-oriented design, the campaign performed strongly and reached just the right placements. As a direct, traceable result, Opel received more than 700 B2B requests connected to their “business weeks” within five months.

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