iSense wins IAB’s ‘Digital Innovator of the Year’ award

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ad pepper media’s semantic targeting technology lifts top prize at Sky & Internet Advertising Bureau event

London, February 12, 2008 – ad pepper media has just been selected as ‘Digital Innovator of the Year’ for its iSense semantic advertising technology which helps marketers deliver the right message at the right moment against the right online content.

The international online advertising network overcame competition from seven other innovative products and original services to win the accolade after a presentation and question and answer session with the judges and an industry audience, who voted on the winner.

iSense was represented at the event, held at the RSA in central London on February 12, by ad pepper media UK managing director Brian O’Sullivan and Professor David Crystal, one of the world’s leading linguists and the mastermind behind the technology.

iSense uses patented Textonomy™ SenseEngine™ targeting technology to deliver relevant advertisements to the true context of webpages. It provides rapid semantic analysis of web pages by examining each and every word on the page to identify the proper themes.

Advertisers can target their display ads based upon a choice of up to 2,700 categories. In addition, advertisers using iSense are protected from their ad being diplayed alongside controversial content though the deployment of Textonomy™ SiteScreen technology. For websites, iSense offers an enhanced revenue opportunity with high yield, directly relevant advertising, which responds to the context of each webpage, and offers a fundamentally improved user experience. iSense extends the monetization of content by making inventory, however diverse, visible to advertisers.

“We are delighted to receive such high-level industry recognition, which proves that semantically targeted advertising is the future,” said ad pepper managing director Brian O’Sullivan. “It means that marketers can deliver the right message at the right moment and to the right content, while upholding their reputation and trust with consumers. Any content on each and every page will be analysed for its true contextual positioning rather than a random key word analysis which invariably results in inappropriate ads appearing on unrelated pages. The agencies and publishers with whom we work are realising the potential of this brilliant technology”.

iSense is operating across ad pepper media’s UK, German and US ad networks, and will be extended to the Netherlands and Denmark in 2008.

About ad pepper media
ad pepper media is an international interactive media, response marketing, email marketing and affiliate marketing solutions and services provider.  The company presently operates 19 branch offices in 12 European countries, the United States and Australia whilst also marketing its services in more than 40 countries.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, ad pepper media networks over 1,000,000 small, medium-sized and large websites to make up a premium quality-advertising network which has global coverage and specifically addresses relevant target groups.

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