Crystal Semantics receives prestigious award for its semantic advertising solutions

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London, UK – Crystal Semantics, the leading provider of semantic advertising solutions, has received a prestigious award for its technology and business proposition from LT-Innovate.EU, the forum for the European language technology industry.

Crystal Semantics took part in the LT-Innovate Summit in Brussels, June 26-27, with over 70 best of breed language technology providers from all over Europe, being invited to participate in a showcase. The competition took place in front of an audience and a jury, consisting of industry experts, buyers and representatives from the investment community.

Receiving the award from Amelia Andersdotter, Member of the European Parliament, Crystal Semantics Chief Executive Officer Ian Saunders commented, “it is always gratifying to be recognized, but this award means so much as it is awarded by a jury of experts in the field of language technology and validates both our technological and business approach es.”

Crystal Semantics 17 year & multi-million euro investment in the development of a unique taxonomy, supported by proprietary patented content categorization solutions was the subject of much discussion throughout the Summit, opening up a range of potential commercial opportunities.

About Crystal Semantics Limited
Crystal Semantics is the leading provider of semantic advertising solutions. The company was founded in 2001 by Ian Saunders and Prof. David Crystal O.B.E. The company’s technology is based upon prop rietary semantic technology which is the result of a 17 year language engineering project with over 500 man years of development. The Crystal Semantics solutions perform the accurate categorisation of content, enabling the accurate placement of advertisments but also blocking adss from appearing on pages containing controversial content. The company hold patents in UK & US. The company’s technology is available in 11 languages and is undergoing ongoing development by a dedicated team of linguists and technologists.

Crystal Semantics Limited is a subsidiary of ad pepper media International N.V.

About LT-Innovate 
LT-Innovate was the Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry. It gathered companies developing products using intelligent content, speech an d translation technologies.

LT-Innovate was co -financed by the European Commission under the ICT Programme of FP7. It has been an opportunity for European companies to influence the future direction of an industry of high value and huge potential.

LT-Innovate provided a collaborative platform through which members could:

  • Stay informed with latest news, views and developments in the European LT industry
  • Gain access to market analysts who documented the shape of the emerging LT industry, provided concrete data and forecasted future directions
  • Shape discussions, identify needs and solve problems through collaborating in industry-driven Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Provide collective feedback to policy makers at national and European level to shape future policies and programmes

If you have any enquiries, please direct them to Ian Saunders  +44 7931562493