ad pepper media reports continued strong sales and profit growth in Q3

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Nuremberg, Amsterdam 30 October 2006

ad pepper media today reported a significant growth in sales and income in the traditionally calm summer quarter.  All year on year performance indicators clearly show a positive development.

3rd quarter sales increased from 6,604 KEUR in the previous year to 10,015 KEUR in 2006, corresponding to a growth of 52%. Gross margin rose by 51% totalling 4,491 KEUR (prior year: 3,265 KEUR). Earnings before inter-est and tax (EBIT) also increased from 231 KEUR to 399 KEUR, a growth of 73%. 3rd quarter net Income rose to 611 KEUR (prior year: 397 KEUR).

The combined results of a record first halfyear and these strong 3rd quarter results show an impressive growth rate overall. Sales in the first nine months of the financial year amount to 30,188 KEUR, rising by 63% compared to preceding year sales of 18,466 KEUR. Accumulated gross margin grew by 78%, resulting in 14,808 KEUR (prior year: 8,340 KEUR). The negative EBIT of –269 KEUR of the previous year contrasts with a positive result of 7,163 KEUR for the first nine months of 2006. Consolidated year to date net income amounts to 7,077 KEUR (prior year: 274 KEUR).

Since the beginning of this year, ad pepper media has also increased its liquid resources (including short-term liquidable non-current financial assets) from 17.5 million to 22.7 million EUR as of 30th September 2006. This increase includes the sale of its stakes in dMarc and Falk eSolutions as well as the purchase price considerations for its most recent acquisitions of Crystal Reference Systems and Webgains.

The complete nine-month report will be published on 27th November 2006 and will be available for download from this date at:

Q3/2006 Q3/2005 Diff. Q1-Q3/ 2006 Q1-Q3/ 2005 Diff.
Turnover TEUR 10,015 6,604 52% 30,188 18,466 63%
Gross margin TEUR 4,941 3,265 51% 14,808 8,340 78%
EBIT TEUR 399 231 73% 7,163 -269
Net income/loss TEUR 611 397 7,077 274
Profit/loss per share EUR 0.06 0.04 0.66 0.03
30.09.06 31.12.05
Liquid resources* TEUR 22,721 17,536
Equity capital TEUR 51,519 43,941
Balance sheet total TEUR 61,282 52,194

* including short-term liquidisable fixed asset securities