ad pepper media launches iSense™ - an innovative semantic advertising technology suite delivering true relevance to online ads

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London, 27 September 2007

ad pepper media, the international online advertising network, unveiled today iSense™, a revolutionary new semantic advertising technology which delivers ads in true context.

iSense represents the next generation of advertising delivery, ensuring that marketers can deliver the right message at the right moment and to the right content, while upholding their reputation and trust with consumers.

iSense uses its proprietary revolutionary patented SenseEngine™ targeting technology to deliver relevant advertisements to the true context of webpages. Developed by world renowned linguistic expert Prof. David Crystal, iSense provides rapid semantic analysis of web pages in analysing each and every word on the page to identify the proper themes. Unlike current vendors, iSense goes beyond mathematical algorithms and basic techniques that in many cases present the user with ads that are completely out of context, whilst forcing the advertiser to compromise on brand values through offering restricted ad formats.  iSense breaks through this glass ceiling and frees the advertiser to deliver the full power of semantically targeted advertising to their users.

iSense is available as a comprehensive suite of advertising products, offering advertisers and publishers alike, a rich and diverse portfolio. The products are iSense Display, enabling any IAB sized display ad to be delivered in true context; iSense InText – delivering relevant ads in the body of the website text via user initiated mouse moves; iSense TextLinks – sponsored links with enhanced relevance to the page context, and finally, iSense BuzzIndex-displaying highly relevant search links mirroring the subject of the webpage.

iSense offers advertisers the opportunity to target their display ads based upon a choice of category. The advertiser can select a broad reach high level category, of which there are 25, or one of 250 median level categories or to mine deeper to one of 2500 highly specific subject areas. In addition, advertisers using iSense are protected from their ad being displayed alongside controversial content through the deployment of iSense™ SiteScreen technology.

iSense offers website publishers an enhanced revenue opportunity with high yield, directly relevant advertising, which responds to the context of each webpage, and offers a fundamentally improved user experience. iSense extends the monetization of content by making inventory, however diverse, visible to advertisers.

“The benefits of this new approach will mean that any content on a page will be analysed for its true contextual positioning rather than a random key word analysis which invariably results in inappropriate ads appearing on unrelated sites” explains Sacha Carton, Board Director of ad pepper media.

iSense has been operating with a number of ad pepper media’s premium clients and will be extended across its UK network, following the formal launch at Adtech London.

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