ad pepper media Expands iSense™ Semantic Ad Network Strategy to the U.S.

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New York, March 23, 2009 – ad pepper media, the international online advertising network, today announced the expansion to the U.S. of the iSense™ Network, the only ad network offering true semantic placement of display media across more than 3,000 content categories. With its award-winning technology and linguistic approach to online advertising, iSense solves the prolific problem of misplaced or out of context online display ads.

iSense Network combines ad pepper’s 10 years of ad network best practice with proprietary cutting edge technology. Underpinning iSense is a patented technology that provides real-time semantic analysis of web pages to identify their true meanings and serve relevant display ads. The result of 11 years of research and development by Dr. David Crystal, one of the world’s leading linguists, iSense leverages an extensive semantic ontology in order to derive the subject matter of a page with unprecedented accuracy. Unlike other so-called semantic technologies that use a mathematical approach, iSense benefits from a deeper analysis of each and every word on a page. As a result, publishers profit from targeted ad monetization opportunities on every webpage, while advertisers benefit from more precise ad placement that eliminates wasted impressions whilst increasing contextual relevance and ROI.

“Every word in the English language has nearly three meanings, making sense disambiguation key to adequate and relevant contextual ad placement,” said Sacha Carton, President of iSense and Director of the Board for ad pepper media. “Our semantic approach to the analysis and classification of all the content on a webpage makes contextually relevant page-level targeting of display ads across a broad range of structured and unstructured online media a very effective process.”

Initially launched in the U.K. in January 2008, iSense is already successfully used by more than 200 clients including global brands 3M, EMI, Fujitsu Siemens, HSBC, Microsoft and T-Mobile, and agencies including Mediacom, Universal McCann, Mindshare, OMD and Media Planning.

“The tried and true iSense Network enables advertisers to put to more effective use, the near $5 billion projected to be spent on display ad campaigns in 2009,” said Carton.

iSense is the recipient of the Internet Advertising Bureau UK and E-Consultancy’s Digital Innovator award.

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