Record sales of more than EUR 60 million and EBITDA of EUR 1.7 million

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Nuremberg, Amsterdam, January 30, 2017 – Based on its preliminary figures for the past financial year, ad pepper media International N.V. concluded the year with sales of EUR 61,164k (2015: EUR 56,009k). This corresponds to year-on-year growth of 9.2 percent and is also the highest figure in the company’s history. On a like-for-like basis, i.e. including activities sold or discontinued in 2015, sales even grew by 12.3 percent. Group-wide gross profit rose slightly to EUR 16,089k (2015: EUR 15,844k), with like-for-like growth of 9.5 percent in this key figure.

The main growth driver was once again the Webgains segment, which increased its sales by 7.4 percent to EUR 43.894k (2015: EUR 40,882k). The prolonged weakness in the British pound seen since the Brexit referendum in particular recently placed a significant damper on growth. Excluding this currency effect, year-on-year sales growth would have amounted to 17.1 percent. The ad agents segment posted the highest sales growth in percentage terms. Sales here rose by EUR 2,862k, or 31.3 percent, to EUR 12,007k (2015: EUR 9,145k). This figure is also the highest achieved in the company’s history. The ad pepper media segment also performed very strongly. On a like-for-like basis, its sales growth came to EUR 793k, or 17.8 percent (2015: EUR 4,465k).

Operating expenses at the ad pepper media group showed a marked reduction of 9.4 percent to EUR 14,480k (2015: EUR 15,986k). Alongside the activities discontinued or sold in 2015, the aforementioned weakness in the British pound also led to a more favorable overall cost structure within the Webgains segment and thus at the group as a whole. Benefiting also from its positive sales performance, the ad pepper group significantly exceeded all of the previous year’s key profitability figures: EBITDA for the 2016 financial year came to EUR 1,748k (2015: EUR 539k). Segment EBITDA amounted to EUR 1,505k at Webgains (2015: EUR 1,352k), to EUR 1,158k at ad agents (2015: EUR 268k), and to EUR 472k at ad pepper media (2015: EUR -497k). Group EBIT came to EUR 1,608k (2015: EUR 244k). EBT amounted to EUR 1,691k (2015: EUR 443k).

Liquid funds (including securities measured at fair value) decreased to EUR 19,593k (December 31, 2015: EUR 22,437k). The company still has no liabilities to banks.

The 2016 Annual Report will be published on March 27, 2017



Key figures (preliminary and unaudited) for 2016/2015:

2016 2015 % change
Sales EUR 000s 61,164 56,009 9.2
Gross profit EUR 000s 16,089 15,844 1.5
EBITDA EUR 000s 1,748 539 >100.0
EBIT EUR 000s 1,608 244 >100.0
EBT EUR 000s 1,691 443 >100.0
12.31.2016 12.31.2015 % change
Liquid funds* EUR 000s 19,593 22,437 -12.7
Equity EUR 000s 14,979 16,508 -9.3

*including securities measured at fair value

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