Preliminary results for the first half-year of 2015

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Nuremberg, Amsterdam, July 15, 2015 – Based on preliminary figures, ad pepper media International N.V. concluded the first half of 2015 with sales of EUR 24,380k, corresponding to growth of 9.6 percent compared with the equivalent previous year’s figure (H1 2014: EUR 22,251k). The company can post a particularly convincing performance for the second quarter, in which sales growth reached 19.8 percent.

Gross profit for the six-month period under report showed a slight reduction of 3.0 percent and thus amounted to EUR 7,620k (H1 2014: EUR 7,860k).
By contrast, operating expenses reduced substantially, falling by 21.1 percent to EUR 7,969k (H1 2014: EUR 10,101k).
This led to improvements in all key profitability figures.

EBITDA for the first half of the year thus totaled EUR -196k (H1 2014: EUR -2,133k). EBIT amounted to EUR -349k (H1 2014: EUR -2,241k). EBT came to EUR -303k in the first half of 2015
(H1 2014: EUR -1,813k). The company reached breakeven in the second quarter and can post EBITDA of EUR 97k for this period (Q2 2014: EUR -1,198k).

Liquid funds (including securities measured at fair value and time deposits) remained stable at EUR 19,301k (December 31, 2014: EUR 19,639k). The group still has no liabilities to banks.

The report on the first half of 2015 will be published on August 17, 2015.


Year on year comparison of key figures (unaudited)

H1 2015 H1 2014  % change 
Sales EUR 000s 24,380 22,251  9.6
Gross profit EUR 000s 7,620 7,860 -3.0
EBITDA EUR 000s -196 -2,133 -90.8
EBIT EUR 000s -349 -2,241 -84.4
EBT EUR 000s -303 -1,813 -83.3
Consolidated net income EUR 000s -336 -1,820 -81.5
Liquid Funds* EUR 000s 19,301 19,220  0.4
Equity EUR 000s 15,916 22,948 -30,6
Total assets EUR 000s 27,909 32,540 -14,2
Earnings per share (basic) EUR -0.02 -0.08 -75.0

*including securities measured at fair value and time deposits


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