Preliminary results for 1st quarter of 2011

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Nuremberg, Amsterdam, April 15, 2011 – ad pepper media International N.V. began the new financial year with significant sales growth in the 1st quarter of 2011. With consolidated sales of EUR 12,859k (Q1 2010: EUR 11,995k), the company generated its highest level of first-quarter sales in its history. The Webgains segment in particular notably boosted its business volumes, with sales growth of 36 percent to EUR 4,886k (Q1 2010: EUR 3,591k), while the ad pepper media segment generated sales of EUR 6,100k and thus began the current financial year on a slightly weaker note than expected (Q1 2010: EUR 6,558k). The Group’s gross profit showed less marked year-on-year growth than sales, rising 2.2 percent to EUR 5,410k (Q1 2010: EUR 5,291k).

Due in particular to investments in additional technology staff, the company was unable to match the key profitability figures for the first quarter of the previous year. First-quarter EBITDA amounted to EUR –1,090k (Q1 2010: EUR 203k). EBIT amounted to EUR -1,225k, as against EUR 17k in the previous year’s quarter.

Liquid funds (including securities measured at fair value and time deposits) fell to EUR 21,061k (31.3.2010: EUR 22,677k). In addition, ad pepper media holds 1,779,292 own shares. There are still no liabilities to banks. The equity ratio rose to 72.5 percent (31.3.2010: 68.9 percent).

The report on the 1st quarter of 2011 will be published on May 11, 2011.

Year-on-year comparison of key figures (unaudited):

Q1 2011 Q1 2010 % change
Sales EUR 000s 12,859 11,995 +7.2
Gross profit EUR 000s 5,410 5,291 +2.2
EBITDA EUR 000s -1,090 203 >100
EBIT EUR 000s -1,225 17 >100
EBT EUR 000s -936 420 >100
Net result EUR 000s -1,151 419 >100
EPS (basic) EUR -0.06 0.02 >100
Liquid funds EUR 000s 21,061 22,677 -7.1
Equity EUR 000s 25,241 22,339 +13.0
Total assets EUR 000s 34,822 32,400 +7.5

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