ad pepper media produces record figures- turnover and profit explosion for first quarter 2006

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Nuremberg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 24 April 2006

ad pepper media International N.V. has kicked off its 2006 fiscal year with considerable growth in turnover and an outstanding result, closing its first quarter with record figures.

According to provisional calculations, turnover for the first quarter of 2006 shows a 70 percent increase over the previous year’s period, with 9,263 TEUR (Q1/2005:5,450 TEUR), not only far exceeding growth in its own sector but also its own high expectations. At the same time, the company succeeded in boosting its gross margin by 84 percent, from 2,384 TEUR in the first quarter of 2005 to 4,393 TEUR in the quarter under report, with the increased use of the company’s own webstats4U network. In particular, the extraordinary profits from the sale of the company’s stake in dMarc Broadcasting Inc. and Falk eSolutions AG raised earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) enormously to 6,248 TEUR, after –23 TEUR in the first quarter of 2005. However, the trend in results without these special effects is also significant, with operating results of over 500 TEUR being achieved in this generally weak quarter. Profit before taxes for the first quarter of 2006 is 6,377 TEUR (Q1/2005: 161 TEUR).

At the cut-off date of 31 March 2006, the company had liquid resources, including short-term liquidisable fixed asset securities and restricted cash, amounting to 27.9 million EUR. The change in liquidity compared with 31 December 2005 results principally from the sale of shares in dMarc and Falk eSolutions AG, as well as the acquisition of Crystal Reference Systems Ltd.

Figures for 2006/2005, in accordance with IFRS:

Q1/2006 Q4/2005 Diff.
Turnover kEUR 9,263 7,132    70%
Gross margin kEUR 4,393 2,384  84%
EBIT kEUR 6,248     -23  
Profit before tax kEUR    6,377    161 3,861%
31.03.06 31.12.05  
Liquid resources* kEUR 27,932 17,536  

* including short-term liquidisable fixed asset securities and restricted cash

All details on the first quarter, 2006 are based on provisional calculations. The complete three-month report will be published on 24 May, 2006 and will be available from this date for downloading at:

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