ad pepper media invests in adserving service provider Falk eSolutions

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In the course of a capital increase, ad pepper media International N.V. is acquiring 25.1% of Falk eSolutions AG. The successful co-operation to date will thus be expanded in the fields of products and services, while Falk can strengthen its expansion to Europe with additional resources.

Nuremberg, Moers, 1 October, 2002
Today, ad pepper media, one of the leading European suppliers for online advertising and digital marketing solutions, announced the acquisition of a 25.1% share in Falk eSolutions. The acquisition is taking place in the course of a capital increase through the issue of new shares to ad pepper media.

The two companies have been working together successfully on an international basis for some considerable time. ad pepper media relies on the pan-European use of Falk’s adserver technology AdSolution and has also been using Falk’s eMail product, MailSolution, for some time.

The investment brings a number of strategic benefits for both companies. With the increasing complexity of digital marketing products on the one hand and the wide range of customer-related solutions on the other, the integrated and flexible use of the latest technology is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor. The products developed by ad pepper media will become even more efficient, thanks to the use of Falk’s standardized, powerful delivery and database systems.

ad pepper media’s clients will benefit from faster campaigns, tailored to customer requirements, with better results and greater economy. Conversely, the partnership with a strongly capitalised European network will bring Falk speedy access to further international markets and customers.

The acquisition has been designed in such a way that each company can profit from the other without losing its own character and independence. “For ad pepper media, the acquisition is a further, logical step in expanding our market position. The technical link with Falk will give our interactive marketing solutions numerous additional features which are becoming more and more important for our clients’ campaign success. Scalability, closed settlement systems and the integration of existing client systems are only a few examples.

In addition, there are considerable cost advantages from the reinforced use of Falk products in our company which will in turn please our shareholders,” said Ulrich Schmidt, CEO of ad pepper media.

Thomas Falk, CEO of Falk eSolutions, added: “The partnership with ad pepper media gives us the opportunity of considerably faster expansion in other European countries, while enjoying low expenses and appropriate know-how on the spot.” However, there will not be any organisational changes for the companies and their clients, with their systems remaining completely separate, as before. Strict silence is being maintained on the financial details of the acquisition.

About Falk eSolutions

Falk eSolutions AG is an innovative company in the area of online marketing software development. After the successful launch of their product “AdSolution” in 2000, Falk eSolutions AG became well established. In 2001, an eMail marketing system was brought out, after a development period of one year, to be the first system world-wide featuring a seamless link between the marketing systems. With their products “AdSolution” and “MailSolution”, the company has developed an adserver and eMail marketing software superior to today’s competitive products in nearly all areas. The lead will increase even more in future, with consistent, on-going, client-orientated development. The main business areas of Falk eSolutions AG are in the provision of application service providing (ASP) services in the areas of adserving, email-/ mobile marketing.

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