ad pepper media International N.V. generates EBITDA of EUR 1.4 million

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Nuremberg, Amsterdam, February 14, 2019

Based on preliminary and unaudited figures, ad pepper media International N.V. concluded the past financial year with EBITDA of EUR 1,354k (2017: EUR 2,209k), one of the best results in the company’s 20-year history.

To enhance comparability of the Group’s segment sales, for all three of its operating segments the company will distinguish in future between gross sales generated (i.e. the amounts invoiced to our customers) and the net revenue to be determined pursuant to IFRS 15 (i.e. gross sales less media costs).

Consistent with this approach, the Group’s gross sales totaled EUR 82,653k in the past financial year, corresponding to year-on-year growth of 9.4 percent (2017: EUR 75,563k). This represents the highest figure in the company’s history. Net revenue also reached a record level and amounted to EUR 20,273k in 2018 (2017: EUR 18,724k). Operating expenses came to EUR 18,519k in the 2018 financial year (2017: EUR 16,530k), equivalent to an increase of 12.0 percent. Further investments made in sales, marketing and technology activities as well as one-off expenses resulted in higher operating expenses, as a result of which the Group generated EBITDA of EUR 1,354k.

The three operating segments posted somewhat disparate developments. The ad pepper media segment reported its strongest performance in the company’s history, with gross sales of EUR 10,619k (+55.9 percent), net revenue of EUR 5,109k (+43.8 percent), and EBITDA of EUR 1,616k (2017: EUR 973k) while results at the ad agents and Webgains segments fell short of previous year`s figures. The ad agents segment generated gross sales of EUR 17,096k (2017: EUR 17,354k) and net revenue of EUR 5,011k (2017: EUR 5,422k), resulting in EBITDA of EUR 40k and thus significantly lower than in the previous year (2017: EUR 1,258k). Gross sales at Webgains amounted to EUR 54,938k in the past financial year, corresponding to year-on-year growth of 6.9 percent (2017: EUR 51,399k), with net revenue coming to EUR 10,153k (2017: EUR 9,749k). Thanks to a successful fourth quarter with growth of 12,1 percent (gross sales) and EBITDA of EUR 406k, this segment generated EBITDA of EUR 631k for the past financial year (2017: EUR 1,308k).

Liquid funds (including securities measured at fair value) amounted to EUR 20,507k (December 31, 2017: EUR 22,642k). The company still has no liabilities to banks.

The 2018 Annual Report will be published on March 28, 2019.

    2018 2017 % change
Gross sales* EUR 000s 82,653 75,563 9.4
Net revenue** EUR 000s 20,273 18,724 8.3
Gross profit EUR 000s 19,546 18,348 6.5
EBITDA EUR 000s 1,354 2,209 -38.7
EBIT EUR 000s 1,027 1,818 -43.5
EBT EUR 000s 838 1,801 -53.5
Equity EUR 000s 16,512 16,517 -0.0
Liquid funds*** EUR 000s 20,507 22,642 -9.4

* Gross sales represent the total amount billed to clients by the Group, net of discounts and VAT.
** Net revenue to be determined pursuant to IFRS 15 (i.e. gross sales less media costs)
*** Including securities measured at fair value


For further information:
Dr. Jens Körner (CEO)
ad pepper media International N.V.
+49 (0) 911 929057-0

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ad pepper media managed its successful IPO at the end of 2000 as one of the last companies of the so-called Neuer Markt. This was followed by one of the worst economic crises in decades, with the dot-com bubble bursting and the 9/11-driven recession starting in 2001.

It’s now been almost 20 years since we took this daring step, and we haven’t just been resting on our laurels in the meantime. In fact, with record results and a squeaky-clean balance sheet, we’re in a healthier position today than ever before. Two decades of experience as of one of the leading performance marketing companies in Europe have also made us vigilant and prepared us for future economic headwinds.

This is something we are proud of: However, this success also makes us humble well knowing that currently many companies are struggling to survive. And with many people fearful of losing their jobs (or even their lives), we don´t think it´s the right time to celebrate. Nevertheless, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to our employees, stakeholders and everyone else who has stood by us and believed in us from the very beginning.