ad pepper media closes the business year 2004 with an increase in turnover and profit

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Nuremberg, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, March 8th, 2005

In 2004, ad pepper media International N.V. again succeeded in augmenting its turnover, this time by 7.1 percent, amounting to a total of 22.3 million Euros (20.7 million EUR the previous year). While during the first nine months of the past business year, the quarterly turnover oscillated between 4.7 and 5.4 million EUR, ad pepper media  managed to raise the turnover to 7.1 million EUR in the fourth quarter of 2004.

The company’s consolidated profit increased significantly, reaching a total of 4.3 million EUR (2003: 2.1 million EUR), which corresponds to a profit per share of 0.42 EUR applicable to the 10,410,160 shares currently in circulation (prior year: 0.12 EUR). The first time recognition of deferred taxes (2.6 million EUR) as well as a financial result, which could be improved once again, contributet significantly to this profit leap.

The company generated earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of 0.5 million EUR (previous year: 1 million EUR). This decrease reflects the companies extensive expenses in new products and the expenses incurred by the establishment of ad pepper media’s branch in the USA, leading to an increase in both turnover and income in the business year 2005.

The balance sheet total on December 31st, 2004 amounted to just under 46 million EUR (effective date the previous year: approx. 43 million EUR), which indicates a rise in the equity ratio by an additional three precentage points to 86 percent (effective date the previous year: 83 percent).

Even after the approximately 1.7 million Euro investment in the American enterprise dMarc Broadcasting Inc. effected in December of 2004, ad pepper media still has a sufficient amount of liquid assets, including short-term liquid fixed asset securities and restricted cash of approximately 25 million on the effective date December 31st, 2004. Consequently, the company continues to operate on a very solid base.

Key data 2004/ 2003 according to US-GAAP:

Q4/2004 Q4/2003 Diff. 2004 2003 Diff.
Turnover KEURO 7,132 6,990     2% 22,243 20,704    7%
Gross margin KEURO 2,993 3,653  -18% 9,875 10,278   -4%
Operating costs KEURO 2,904 2,878     1% 9,774 9,349    5%
EBIT KEURO 178 796  -78% 537 1,017 -47%
Year profit KEURO 3,054 1,073 185% 4,342 2,126 104%
Profit per share EURO 0.30 0.11 173% 0.42 0.21 100%
31.12.04 31.12.03
Liquid resources* KEURO 25,197 27,668
Equity capital KEURO 40,051 35,658
Balance sheet total KEURO 46,398 42,945

*including short term liqid fixed asset securities and restricted cash

On March 29th, 2005, the boards of management will be holding a conference call at 10:00 a.m. As of that point in time, the complete annual report for 2004 will be available for downloading on

The annual meeting of ad pepper media International N.V. will take place on May 2nd, 2005 in Hoofddorp (Netherlands).

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