ad pepper media announces preliminary figures for the first nine months of 2008

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Nuremberg, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 5th of November 2008 – In the first nine months of the current financial year, ad pepper media International N.V. has increased sales by 6% to EUR 38.17 million (Q1-Q3 2007: EUR 36.02 million). Gross margin reduced by EUR 1.34 million to EUR 16.16 million. However, a  3% decline in operative costs against the previous year, compensated in part for the reduction in gross margin. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) for the first nine months of 2008 totalled EUR 5.87 million against EUR 4.62 million for the same period last year. Earnings before taxes (EBT) for the first nine months of the current year totalled EUR 2.77 million (Q1-Q3 2007: EUR 3.23 million).

Due to positive income taxes the net income for the first three quarters of the financial year 2008 is EUR 3.27 million which is 21% higher than the EUR 2.70 million for the same period in the previous year.

As of 30 September 2008, liquid funds (including securities at fair value and deposits with maturity over three months) totalled EUR 23.67 million (30 September 2007: EUR 15.99 million). The equity ratio totals 84.5%.

Due to external economic conditions, it is not possible to rule out that the coming quarters will be marked by static or slightly declining sales volumes. However, more than 80% of our product portfolio consists of performance-based marketing solutions, such as Webgains (affiliate marketing), ad.agents (SEM/SEO) and iLead (lead generation) and iSense (semantic targeting). This fact, together with tight cost management, means that in terms of sales and profit development we can look with optimism towards the current 4th quarter and the financial year ahead.

The full report for the quarter will be published on 28 November 2008 and will then be available for downloading at:

Key figures for Q1-Q3 2008 compared to Q1-Q3 2007:

    Q1-Q3 2008 Q1-Q3 2007 Change
in %
Sales kEUR 38,171 36,021 +6.0
Gross margin kEUR 16,162
Operating costs kEUR 14,316 14,691 -2.6
EBITDA kEUR 6,824 2,729 +150.1
EBIT kEUR 1,846 2,812 +34.4
EBT kEUR 2,767 3,226 +14.2
Group income kEUR 3,273 2,704 +21.0
Earnings per share
 EUR 0.30 0.24 +25.0
Liquid funds kEUR 23,671 15,994 +48.0
Equity kEUR 58,665 56,774 +3.3
Balance sheet total kEUR 69,442 69,484 -0.1

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