Webgains seals exclusive new digital partnership with world AI experts to ‘Humanise’ sales launches

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London, 09 October 2018Today international hi-performance affiliate marketing network Webgainswww.webgains.com – announces a new creative, technical & knowledge transfer partnership with London-based Humanise.AI, one of the world’s most innovative & experienced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning consultancies.

Already working on several AI-driven projects and feature developments to accelerate internal process & marketplace efficiencies via its existing relationship with IBM, Webgains is now looking to broaden its reach into this area through a number of parallel solution providers and across a number of difference use cases.

As part of the exclusive deal, a number of Webgains’ technical employees will be embedded inside and alongside the London-based Humanise.AI team to help guide and inform the conceptual understandings on both sides as well as help train and launch the resulting technologies.

On top of this, Duncan Anderson, CEO of Humanise.AI and ex-CTO (Europe) of IBM Watson will be engaged as technical adviser working alongside Webgains R&D product & development teams based in Bristol UK.

Among the first projects to be tackled will be new AI driven processes and systems to significantly reduce the TTL (time to live) for new advertisers to promote their online products and services to the Webgains global network using a ‘hybrid’ mix of human interaction supported by Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.

Duncan Anderson, CEO at Humanise.AI, comments, “Since Webgains declared their interest in using new AI-driven technologies & processes last year we’ve been heavily involved in helping them plan and develop all kinds of exploratory projects and pilot schemes to see where our expertise and experience can help. We’re really excited to be in a position to help Webgains use both our deep experience and the technical platform that we’ve invested heavily in developing. Together we’re now accelerating the journey to bring conversational and artificial intelligence technologies to the heart of the Webgains business.”

Richard Dennys, CEO of Webgains, comments, “This exclusive partnership is a natural fit for us. Our engineers are super excited to be working with such a leading edge team. The whole performance marketing industry is notorious for extended times-to-launch. As part of our internal process review we worked out that from signing a contract to going live could take up to one year in worst cases, involving over 100 separate activities. Our early AI driven pilot work on this has seen in some cases this reduced to days, hours and in one case just minutes. When we are launching up to 100 new advertisers per month these efficiencies really add up to a significant aggregation of marginal gains.”

This partnership extends the push into the world of Artificial Intelligence for Webgains, who in 2017 was the world’s first affiliate network to enter a research partnership with IBM.

Webgains will be further showcasing their AI explorations in a session at this years Performance In Live show in London on October 15th.


About Webgains
The affiliate marketing network Webgains is a member of the ad pepper media group, headquartered in London. The company was founded in 2005, and has additional offices in locations including Nuremberg, Munich, Bristol, Paris, Madrid and New York. Webgains’ innovative platform is available in 14 markets worldwide, enabling advertisers to manage their partner programmes efficiently. The performance marketing network supports customers in 195 countries and advertised over 20 million products in the online sector in 2017, resulting in a gross sales value (GSV) of EUR 1 billion.

Webgains’ vision is to make affiliate marketing intuitive, predictive and proactive with the help of cognitive technologies. The aim is to let performance marketing benefit from the latest developments in AI and machine learning. As the world’s first affiliate network, Webgains has been working on these developments with IBM Watson since 2017, and has developed AI to an advanced level in collaboration with AWS, Google and Apple.

Webgains UK has been nominated for 5 Awards in the forthcoming PerformanceIn “International Performance Marketing” Awards and in May 2018 won the PerformixX award and is one of the top two leading German affiliate networks in the field of display performance.

The Webgains network includes 250,000 publishers and 1,800 advertisers, including brands such as Nike, Samsung, Liverpool FC and Hertz. www.webgains.com

About Humanise.AI
Humanise.AI is a technology startup transforming customer experiences across industries through the application of voice, messaging and artificial intelligence technologies.

Led by the former European CTO for IBM Watson, Humanise.AI has formed a uniquely talented team with deep experience and knowledge of the latest AI and messaging technologies.

Humanise.AI’s core product is designed to help businesses of all sizes to implement selfservice solutions that use both AI and humans in partnership to support the customer experience. By combining the efficiency of AI with the sophistication of humans, Humanise.AI aims to deliver the perfect experience – whether it be automating a simple question or solving a complex complaint.

In 2018 Humanise.AI launched its Gem product for the hospitality industry, the first of many planned AI-based industry solutions that apply the power of the core Humanise.AI technology to solve real industry challenges. Gem has been deployed to a number of UKbased hotels, where it’s being used by an unheard-of ~60% of guests – demonstrating strong demand for Humanise.AI’s technology. Humanise.AI is actively assessing other industry sectors that might benefit from its unique technology. www.humanise.ai

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